WPSA Winter Party 2018

Sacred Pants 2017-2018


Congratulate Tom Davison
The Newest Custodian of the Sacred Pants
Charlie Huberman and Ken Boyle 
Give Tom (center) a Well Deserved Pat on the Back
The tradition of the Sacred Pants goes back to the beginning of the club. In the years 1935-1938 the Sacred Pants were awarded to the fleet champion of the Wet Pants Association. In 1938 they were awarded for the last time to fleet champions Dave and Jean MacDonell. From 1939 forward, Wet Pants awarded the Sacred Pants to the member who had performed the greatest number of services to the club over a period of years. Through the decades the Custodians of the Sacred Pants have been flag officers and ordinary members who have accomplished extraordinary acts of volunteerism. And even after earning the designation of Custodian, they are still here supporting the club.
In this sea-chest lies the most treasured possession of the Wet Pants Association.
An ancient pair of sailor pants, our original burgee – stained and worn – tattered and torn – they have been baptized in fresh water and salt.
In recognition of meritorious conduct, it is the highest honor the Wet Pants Association can bestow.
  After solemn deliberation, it is the will and desire of this organization that Tom Davison be so honored.
Tonight 15 former Custodians were on hand to congratulate Tom Davison, the newest member of this distinguished group.
Former Custodians Present:
1987 – Bob Campbell
1992 – Eric Hathaway
1994 – Bill Zambrisky
1995 – Ken Boyle
1997 – Ted and Bea Ostrowski
2001 – Alphonse Guardino
2003 – Brian Kennedy
2009 – Charlie Huberman
2011 – Sue Collins
2012 – Tom and Cathie Harris
2014 – Vinny and Kathy Corrado
2015 – Pat Collins
Bob Campbell
Vice Commodore
Wet Pants Sailing Association
2017 Silly Awards

2016 - Boy Scouts "Life" Project at WPSA


Ryan Yost, a member of Boy Scout Troop 184 in Sayville led his troop in a much needed service project-the painting of the north side of the Wet Pants building.  With the heat and the condition of the previous paint, the scouts certainly had their work cut out for them!  With positive attitudes and determination, they scraped away the old paint and applied the new paint yesterday.  Thank you Ryan Yost and Boy Scout Troop 184!

2016 Silly Awards

2016 Talent Show


Amazing job by all the instructors and students who participated in the Art Auction/Talent Show! 

Thanks all who came out for a great night of fun!

2016 Bring Your Parents To Sail Day



Thanks to everyone who came out this morning for a beautiful Bring Your Parent To Sail Day.  So glad so many members were able to to make it.

All the boats were out and about giving rides to pros and amateurs of sailing in hopes that the "sailing bug" will stick.

2016 Movie Night


It was a fantastic evening for Movie Night at Wet Pants.

Zootopia was shown as many young sailors watched and snacked on popcorn, iced tea, and ice cream. 


2016 Junior Sailover


Kids rigged their boats, brought lunch and sun screened up but unfortunately the wind wouldn't show up.

They were not too upset as long they were together, on the water, with plenty of snacks.

Instructors had them sail to the Maritime Museum for watermelon football, egg toss, and lunch under the gazebo.

2016 Clambake




Wet Pants held their annual Clambake at The Long Island Maritime on Saturday, July 30th.

BBQ food, burgers, ribs, shrimp, corn on the cob, and, of course, clams.

There were many games, DJ, and of course sailing.