2016 Blood Drive / Car Wash



The annual Wet Pants Blood Drive will took place on Tuesday, July 26th.

The Juniors hosted a car wash and the grill was fired up.

We also had live music throughout featuring Omega (featuring Billy Sesack), Executive Decision (featuring JD Verbeck), and Buoy 34 (featuring Joe Cook, Mike Hagstedt, and Bill Moretti)

Sachem Share Day 2016


Special thanks to all members, juniors and everyone who came out to help at Sachem Share Day today! 

Besides the winds being almost 20mph we pulled off another great day!


2016 June Fungatta

Double Handed Fungatta 


On Tuesday June 28th The Double Handed Fungatta kicked off the Official Summer Regatta Season at WPSA.  At one point we had 13 boats with 28 different sailors on the waters directly off the bulkhead at Wet Pants.  
At 5:30 we had an informal skippers meeting.  This meeting was important, as the rules were modified specifically for this Fungatta.  We stuck to a simple Triangle Windward leeward course with three minute starts.  However, the first rule was You Must have Fun...  if you weren't having fun... do what you needed to have fun...  Protest penalties changed to America's Cup racing, if someone got protested, the offending boat could choose to LUFF for ten seconds, then sail on...   (rather than doing circles)-  this was safer and funner...   And if you decided to protest someone, the rule was changed the Rule to you "must inform the other boat by saying, "Please Eat Your Donut"  the Word "Protest" would not be valid in this Fungatta.  However, I don't think anyone needed to protest... 

Racing was fun, fast and surprinsingly close...  smiles were seen on all the boats, and Charles commented, "I learned so much by sailing with someone, it was great."  Tom and Sue capsized but dry stepped
the boat in the first race, but they didn't avoid the Bay swimming for the second race...  Another funny/interesting thing seen was Billy lost his crew right before the finish line...  Isa had to swim back to the boat...  the finishing whistle wasn't blown until the crew was back on the boat...  they still didn't lose a place....(See Definitions for Finishing)
After the racing and sailing, we all gathered in the clubhouse and had food and refreshments, provided by many sailors...   the party afterwards was active and full of stories.  Fun awards were given out, Dave Perry Sailing Books, Beaded Necklaces, Bottle Openers and Water Blasters...

One Regatta with many fleet trophies...  here are the results:

1st Father and Son: Louis and Lou Albertelli
1st Classic Rig: Andrew and Ethan Deutcsh
1st Husband and Wife: Tom and Sue Davison
1st Brother and Sister: Meghan and Colin Caraher
1st Male/Male: Conrad Volle and Charles Kitegi (4th overall)
1st Triple Handed/1st Father Daughters: Joel, Caitlin and Jocelyn Furman
1st Father/Mixed Triplehanded/2nd Triple handed- John, Lindsay and Graham Whitbread
1st Over 80 years combined-(5th Overall) John Breuer and Christine O'Connor
1st Rotating Skipper/Crews- Rick Braille and Ruth Hakanson
1st Laser- Sean and Son 
3rd Place Overall- Billy Sesack and Isa Abad Herrara
2nd Place Overall- Brett Doty and Helene Marinello
1st Place Overall- Ryan Messina and Felicia Caccamo

Many people asked to do this again...  maybe...  but look for our next sailing on Tuesday July 5th! - when the Official Sunfish/420 and Lasers summer series starts-  This year it will be only five weeks.  After we will still sail, but have different events.  Keep reading the emails for notices...  

Have a great and safe 4th of July weekend!

See you on the water! 

Lee Montes
Tuesday Night Fleet Capt



Jocelyn,Caitlyn and Joel Furman hamming it up


Ethan and Andrew Deutsch brothers having fun


Meghan and Colin Caraher sailing fast


Brett and Helene smiling before the start...  they were smiling after the racing, too!


Rick and Ruth switched skippers between races.


Charles and Conrad reading the wind and fleet.


Graham listens as John Whitbread shows the way


Sean and Son on the Laser


Hobie John trades in his two hulls today to Sail with Christine on Naughtifish


Billy and Isa crossing tacks with John and Christine


Felicia sailing with Capt. Ryan to overall victory.


Top Husband and Wife, Sue and Tom... also most swimming


Louis and Louis Albertelli sailing to the windward mark




The 2016 WPSA Season has begun!!!


Monday, June 27, 2016

Today is a great day because it is the beginning of the Wet Pants sailing school, and a time when many new youngsters learn how much they love our beautiful Great South Bay and sailing on it.

If you’re not enrolled in the school but just love to sail you are in luck.  Below, I will outline the different types of racing offered, as well as, some of our other events.  Lou Albertelli runs our website and calendar which will keep you up to date.  Please note: our Invitational regatta on July 8- 9th, Sachem Share Day on July 29th and our Clam Bake on July 30th.

Attention: Special Event! - Tomorrow night Lee Montes our sunfish fleet captain is hosting a “Fun Regatta”.  This event is open to everyone, and is designed to bring on laughter, and fun among friends of all skill levels.  I highly recommend coming down and sailing in it.

Tuesday night is Sunfish night, and lasers and Vanguard 15 are also welcome.  Although this week is a special event, the sunfish fleet usually starts racing at 6:00 PM every Tuesday night.  Contact Lee Montes for more info at [email protected]

Thursday night is handicap racing.  All boats with the exception of Sunfish are welcome to come out.  In a handicap race the amount of time a boat takes to finish the race course is recorded and then multiplied by a rating assigned to that particular type of boat.  This means that the boat that finishes the race first does not necessarily will.  A boat that finishes the race last can win once the math is worked out.  Gerry Pagels is the fleet captain and will be doing the scores.  You can contact Gerry at [email protected]

Friday night is PHRF racing and is done pursuit style.  The weather has been fantastic, and the sailing has been great.  If you are interested in racing Friday night you should contact John Breur [email protected]    John will assign your boat a start time, which allows slower boats to start the race before the faster boats.  As the race progresses the faster boats start to catch the slower boats, and they should all finish at about the same time.  The first to cross the finish line wins.

You should also be well aware that racing on either Tuesday, Thursday or Friday night always ends with socializing back at the club.  Make sure you have some refreshments and snacks for yourself, and hang around for a while and relax after racing.  

See you on the water!

John Callis
[email protected]

WPSA Annual Mess 2015

The 2015 Wet Pants Sailing Association Annual Mess and Awards Dinner was held this year on Friday September 18, 2015 at the gorgeous Snapper Inn in Oakdale. The Mess is the signature social and procedural event on the WPSA calendar.

At this event, the annual sailing trophies were awarded, as were the Perpetual Awards that are given to those who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in their service to the club. In addition, the newly elected Flag Officers were installed at the Mess, at the Changing of the Guard.

This year the Mess was held in the spectacularly remodeled, fully climate controlled indoor dining room at the Snapper Inn, which featured an extended cocktail hour with passed and buffet style hors d'oevres, and a full sit down dinner, drinks and dessert included. In addition to presentation of the full slate of annual sailing trophies, the Perpetual Awards, and the Changing of the Guard, there was be a DJ for music and dancing following the formal portion of the event.

The evening is steeped in the history of WPSA, and many of the awards and traditions have roots going back to the early days of the club, in the post-depression 1930's. Thanks to all who came and contgratulations to all those presented with trophies and awards.


John Callis

Commodore of WPSA

Last Week of Tuesday Sailing 2015

It is about that time of the season where some will raise their sail for the last time of the year in Wet Pants.  Many thanks to those who made this season exceptional!

Silly Awards 2015

Outdoor Movie Night 2015

Our movie night was packed out with many young sailors.  Popcorn, fruit punch, and ice cream were some of the treats eaten as we watched the movie Big Hero 6.  While the kids were glued to the movie screen some of the adults caught the magnificant sunset in the background.