The Place Where Memories Are Made



by Kathleen Prokesch 

Prior to the club’s inception, Sayville residents would sail over to Cherry Grove to race with the group from the Cherry Grove Yacht Club. During the summer of 1934, two young sailors, Ed Kinkaide and Bill Huus assumed that they were eligible for their winning trophies and were excited to attend the awards banquet at the Cherry Grove Hotel. Much to their dismay, they were denied their prize because they were not yacht club members.

Thus, the Wet Pants Sailing Association was born. As stated in Mr. Travis’ book, Sayville’s Wet Pants Sailing Association, 1934 – 1940, the new organization was founded on four principles:

  • It had to be inexpensive and self-supporting

  • Allow for boats of different types and sizes to participate on equal footing

  • Encourage inexperienced sailors to learn to sail while racing

  • Foster sportsmanship, self reliance and seamanship.

Wet Pants founding father, Hervey Garrett Smith, was born and raised in Bayport and was an artist by trade. He was well known for his many naval paintings which appeared in magazines such as The National Geographic,Rudder and Yachting. In addition, he designed his own sloop, Filibuster, the Diaper Class, and The Morning Star, a 33-foot ketch. His contributions to Sayville and to this area’s rich maritime history are great as he also founded what is now the Long Island Maritime Museum.


"Wet Pants Club'' by Oscar Brand
Wet Before, Wet Behind
We're the members of the Wet Pants Club

I was young, I was dry,
But to sail I would go,
One hour on the water
I was wet down below.
Though I tried, I couldn't hide
from my Mother’s piercing view
But all she would say
Was, "A big boy like you!”


Many times I resolved
To return home dry,
I'd stand through the cruise
with my pants hitched high.
Then I'd feel those icy fingers
up and down my spine,
and the same old witchcraft
When the bilge meets mine.


Once we sailed for the cup,
and we best England's pride.
We took off our clothes,
'Til the trousers were dry.
When our clothes were displayed
To the crowds curious stare,
They struck up the chorus
of the London-Derriere


My last voyage out ,
Steady breeze, Quiet Day.
We drank to the absence,
Of the white cap and the spray.
As I opened the beer,
It fell from my hand;
And I stood there once again
With a cold, damp can.


Special Members

Charter Members

  • Warren "Cy" Beebe
  • Edwin Kinkaide
  • Charlie Bogel
  • Sidney Snyder, Jr
  • Elsie B. Smith
  • Charles Leach
  • Ernest Sunderland
  • Marjorie Stevens Bogel
  • Sidney Snyder, Sr.
  • Grover Silhman, Jr.
  • Jack Travis
  • Jack Strong
  • Frank Auringer
  • James Herring
  • Hervey Smith
  • John Lorenc
  • William Huus
  • Dorothy Snyder
  • Edward Arthur
  • Harold Beebe
  • Rad Beebe
  • C.M. Huus
  • John Buys
  • Walter Lightner
  • Fred Poppe 

Life Members

  • Nancy Bogel
  • Dick & Paula Frieman
  • Hervey Smith
  • Rev. Joseph Bond
  • Bill & Sandy Riesterer

Wet Pants Sailing Association

PO Box 484
Sayville, New York 11782

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