2018 - WPSA Annual Mess

The Wet Pants Sailing Association was founded in 1934. This evening, Eighty-four years later we are still enjoying the history and traditions of our family sailing club as we gather to celebrate the 2018 sailing season.

All gathering at the Snapper Inn in Oakdale, NY enjoyed an evening of fun and fellowship. From the two guns fired off at the beginning of the evening to the enthusiastic hip, hip, haroars at the end; it is an event not to be missed.


Noreen Cunningham Awards the Kyle Walker Memorial Scholarship to
Mackenzie Klein


Bob Campbell Presents the Edwin L. Kinkaide Scholarship to
Eric Gustafson


Tom Davison, Last Year's Custodian of the Sacred Pants, Congratulates
This Year's Custodian, James King


Wet Pants Sailing Association 2018 Annual Mess Awards


Commodore’s Cup

Not Awarded

Merrill Mason Memorial Bowl

Lee Montes

St. Ann’s Trophy

Joe Beitch

“Ma” Huus Trophy

Lee Montes

“Crash” Silliman Trophy

Lee Montes



Special Sailing Trophies 2018


Charles Bogle Award

Gerhard Pagels

Ladies Teacup Award

Not Awarded

Edward Lyon Memorial Trophy (Parent’s Race)

No Awarded

Atlantic Sails Bowl

Bob Rich

Bond Trophy

Not Awarded

Shoreham Trophy

Gerhard Pagels

Ulysses Trophy

Line Pouchard

Kyle Walker Memorial Scholarship

Mackenzie Klein

“Doc” Silliman Trophy

Not Awarded

Kennedy Trophy

Bob Campbell

Cy Foo Young (Clambake Egg Toss)

Brendan Cunningham & Jessie Collins



Special Perpetual Awards 2018


Edwin L. Kinkaide Scholarship

Eric Gustafson

Capt. Mark’s Hammer (Crew of the Year)

Geoff Baldanza

Capt. Carl M. Huus (Most Improved Skipper)

Tom Harris

Helen Madigan Memorial (Mother of the Year)

Marianne Williams

Matt Abel Memorial

Eric Gustafson

Westin Trophy (Junior Skipper of the Year)

Colin Caraher

Spencer Ackerly Trophy (Junior of the Year)

Emily Rosado

Jack G. Travis (Volunteer of the Year)

Don Ward

Fred and Loretta (Bobby) Horn

Christopher Costa

Sacred Pants

Jim King



New Awards 2018


Life Saver Award

Matthew Pagels

Life Saver Award

Diane Caggiano


Wet Pants Sailing Association

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Sayville, New York 11782

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