2018 - Commodore's Cocktail Party

The Commodore's Cocktail Party in Review

Commodore Christine O’Connor greeted everyone and thanked Rear Commodore Gerry Pagels for the improvements that have been made to the building this spring.

She also thanked Joe Huberman for providing us with music and songs.


Joe has been a part of Wet Pants since he was a toddler. He was also Commodore Christine O’Connor’s sailing instructor. She credited him with training her to become an accomplished sailor and with teaching her to have a healthy respect for the boom.

Past Commodore John Breuer hung three more of Sandy Reisterer’s needlepoints above the windows in the main room. Sandy’s husband, Bill Riesterer, was commodore in 1978. When they moved to New Mexico in the early 1980’s, Wet Pants installed the Reisterer’s as lifetime members for the contributions they had made to the club.

Ever since that time Sandy has created at least one sailing needlepoint every year for us. And every year Bea Ostroski and Eileen Zambrisky put all of them away in the fall and hang all of them back up again in the spring. This is how we remember and honor our friends, the people who are a part of the tradition Wet Pants has come to represent in the Sayville Community.

The Commodore’s Cocktail Party is a mix of young and old, of new and seasoned members. Everyone is important and everyone comes together to share our history and our hopes for the future. And, as Charlie Huberman said, this evening would be a celebration for the Wet Pants Family.

This was a special night for Charlie Huberman and his family. Joe Huberman was inspired by his mother, Debbie, to become an occupational therapist. This spring Joe turned that dream into a reality when he passed his OT Boards and received his license to practice. Charlie Huberman, his brother, and sister-in-law, all came to celebrate the occasion. When Christine announced the Huberman’s good news, everyone stood and clapped for Joe.

The evening ended with a chocolate pirate cake and coffee. The extra food was donated to a childcare facility.

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