2018 - Fungata

When you put more than one person a small boat, funny things can happen.  We raced, partied and had a lot of fun.  (Vito and Danielle working their way off a Leeward bulk head)

Opening day for the Wet Pants Sunfish Fleet started with a Fungatta.  This regatta is an Anti-Serious Race, where crews of two or more sail and race around.

It Goes back to the roots of how most of us learned to sail- with two people on a Sunfish (or other small boat) and concentrating on just having fun.  Racing gives a start and end point to the night before the party beings.  FUN is in the word fungatta and having a new experience is the goal of the day.

The casual nature of the event promotes getting new people on the water.  Its more about the experience than the results.  I had  young boy with me for the FUNgatta, and I asked him how many times he was on a boat.  He proudly said, I took my first lesson yesterday..  we learned parts of the boat and knots.  I asked him if he wants to steer, and he said, "Yes!"  Since he was eight years old and never been on a sailboat before, it was a  perfect situation to have him steer.  As we got out of the canal, the SW wind made us tack before the bulkhead, and we did that without issue.  The wind died down from 12-14mph to a lighter 10-12mph. We got out there a little late because I didn't have Joe until about 6 o'Clock...  Tom and Sue Davison were also running behind, thanks to the taffic from the City...  but no worries the got here.   But they were late for the first race...

As the first race began, the boats lined up and went off in a nice orderly fashion.

Vito Mannino and Danielle Cummings were sailing well, after getting caught up on the bulkhead...  ans as they crossed us, Danielle whipped out a huge water gun and proceeded to shoot all the sailors in her range....  We all laughed and Joe was taunting her, "you're too far away!"   Joe Beitch took another rookie non-sailor on the water.

Christian McGlaughlin eased into the boat and got his feet wet, literally, when while in second place, they managed to capsize before the end of race one.  It was fun, the righted the boat and finished.  Father and Son team of Lou and Louis Albertelli improved from the previous regatta, when I heard Lou yell to me after race two, "we FINISHED two races!!!"  It was great to see and hear all the success stories.  My favorite was during race two Joe told me, "this is great!  I love it!"   It reminded me of why we do this in the first place...  to have fun, share in the fun and just enjoy.

Afterwards we all shared in our experiences, had a lot of laughs and some foods and drinks.  It was a great way to start the summer. :)

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