2018 - Clambake

The 2018 Bob Gorman Memorial Clambake drew a little over 150 people and grossed over $6,500.  And while we are still adding up the costs, we know the location with tent, porta potties, and dumpster was approximately $2,800 and food was another $2,200. We owe a debt of thanks to the Blue Island Oyster Company for donating all of the clams used in the chowder and most of the clams served on the half shell. The Blue Point Brewing Company contributed cases of beer in addition to the two kegs the club bought. 

We had a traditional roll up your sleeves, do it yourself, clambake.  More than 36 people volunteered to take this clambake from a plan to a reality.

A salad here, a dessert there; help with the heavy lifting and the arduous job of cleaning pots and grills. And, if you deem this clambake a success, then you have no one to thank but yourselves because you didn’t stand around waiting for someone else to do the work for you.

Wet Pants is every member’s club. Every member contributes their money, their talent and their effort to make it a place where they are proud to belong. A place where our children grow up learning the value of community service and the need to be part of something bigger than themselves.



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