2018 - Sachem Share Day

Congratulations to Katie, Noreen, and Emma for another successful Sachem Day experience at Wet Pants Friday!

For the past 15 years, Wet Pants has invited students of the Sachem Extended School Year program to our club for an outdoor experience away from the classrooms. The event started with the instructors welcoming 56 students in 4 buses to our club.

Emma and the instructors ran one of the best treasure hunts with the students finding sails, anchors, and various boat parts. Their smiles tell a much better story than any of us can. Then, in groups of 4 students and a teacher or two, we had everyone on the boats. Most of the students went on one of our Flying Scott fleet boats or one of the catboats all of which are some of the safest boats for this program.

Many of the students actually took the helm of our boats producing some of the best smiles. We had ideal sailing conditions with SW winds around 8 to 10 knots. Some of the boats had pirates aboard while others were met with "storms ahead". A few even got stuck on a powerboat, but we can make up for that next year.

Back at the club, the students had lunch and some of the best ice cream ever with, again, more smiles. It was another fun event at Wet Pants with our volunteers enjoying the day as much as the students. Thank you Emma, Noreen, Katie, instructors, and our club members who volunteered their boats and their time. I'm quite sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. Please consider joining us next year on a Friday late in July.

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