The Wet Pants Sailing Association was founded in 1934. This evening, Eighty-four years later we are still enjoying the history and traditions of our family sailing club as we gather to celebrate the 2018 sailing season.

All gathering at the Snapper Inn in Oakdale, NY enjoyed an evening of fun and fellowship. From the two guns fired off at the beginning of the evening to the enthusiastic hip, hip, haroars at the end; it is an event not to be missed.


Noreen Cunningham Awards the Kyle Walker Memorial Scholarship to
Mackenzie Klein


Bob Campbell Presents the Edwin L. Kinkaide Scholarship to
Eric Gustafson


Tom Davison, Last Year's Custodian of the Sacred Pants, Congratulates
This Year's Custodian, James King


Wet Pants Sailing Association 2018 Annual Mess Awards


Commodore’s Cup

Not Awarded

Merrill Mason Memorial Bowl

Lee Montes

St. Ann’s Trophy

Joe Beitch

“Ma” Huus Trophy

Lee Montes

“Crash” Silliman Trophy

Lee Montes



Special Sailing Trophies 2018


Charles Bogle Award

Gerhard Pagels

Ladies Teacup Award

Not Awarded

Edward Lyon Memorial Trophy (Parent’s Race)

No Awarded

Atlantic Sails Bowl

Bob Rich

Bond Trophy

Not Awarded

Shoreham Trophy

Gerhard Pagels

Ulysses Trophy

Line Pouchard

Kyle Walker Memorial Scholarship

Mackenzie Klein

“Doc” Silliman Trophy

Not Awarded

Kennedy Trophy

Bob Campbell

Cy Foo Young (Clambake Egg Toss)

Brendan Cunningham & Jessie Collins



Special Perpetual Awards 2018


Edwin L. Kinkaide Scholarship

Eric Gustafson

Capt. Mark’s Hammer (Crew of the Year)

Geoff Baldanza

Capt. Carl M. Huus (Most Improved Skipper)

Tom Harris

Helen Madigan Memorial (Mother of the Year)

Marianne Williams

Matt Abel Memorial

Eric Gustafson

Westin Trophy (Junior Skipper of the Year)

Colin Caraher

Spencer Ackerly Trophy (Junior of the Year)

Emily Rosado

Jack G. Travis (Volunteer of the Year)

Don Ward

Fred and Loretta (Bobby) Horn

Christopher Costa

Sacred Pants

Jim King



New Awards 2018


Life Saver Award

Matthew Pagels

Life Saver Award

Diane Caggiano


Congratulations to Katie, Noreen, and Emma for another successful Sachem Day experience at Wet Pants Friday!

For the past 15 years, Wet Pants has invited students of the Sachem Extended School Year program to our club for an outdoor experience away from the classrooms. The event started with the instructors welcoming 56 students in 4 buses to our club.

Emma and the instructors ran one of the best treasure hunts with the students finding sails, anchors, and various boat parts. Their smiles tell a much better story than any of us can. Then, in groups of 4 students and a teacher or two, we had everyone on the boats. Most of the students went on one of our Flying Scott fleet boats or one of the catboats all of which are some of the safest boats for this program.

Many of the students actually took the helm of our boats producing some of the best smiles. We had ideal sailing conditions with SW winds around 8 to 10 knots. Some of the boats had pirates aboard while others were met with "storms ahead". A few even got stuck on a powerboat, but we can make up for that next year.

Back at the club, the students had lunch and some of the best ice cream ever with, again, more smiles. It was another fun event at Wet Pants with our volunteers enjoying the day as much as the students. Thank you Emma, Noreen, Katie, instructors, and our club members who volunteered their boats and their time. I'm quite sure everyone thoroughly enjoyed the day. Please consider joining us next year on a Friday late in July.

The 2018 Bob Gorman Memorial Clambake drew a little over 150 people and grossed over $6,500.  And while we are still adding up the costs, we know the location with tent, porta potties, and dumpster was approximately $2,800 and food was another $2,200. We owe a debt of thanks to the Blue Island Oyster Company for donating all of the clams used in the chowder and most of the clams served on the half shell. The Blue Point Brewing Company contributed cases of beer in addition to the two kegs the club bought. 

We had a traditional roll up your sleeves, do it yourself, clambake.  More than 36 people volunteered to take this clambake from a plan to a reality.

A salad here, a dessert there; help with the heavy lifting and the arduous job of cleaning pots and grills. And, if you deem this clambake a success, then you have no one to thank but yourselves because you didn’t stand around waiting for someone else to do the work for you.

Wet Pants is every member’s club. Every member contributes their money, their talent and their effort to make it a place where they are proud to belong. A place where our children grow up learning the value of community service and the need to be part of something bigger than themselves.



With over 74 boats which means over 100 sailors on the water! Wet Pants pulled off yet another year an amazing Junior Regatta on the Great South Bay!

Thank you to all our parents that came to assist with boats and To serve up the breakfast and lunch!! I really appreciate it❤️

We are so Lucy to have this special place in our home town, and I think we are all lucky to volunteer at such beautiful place!

Emma and the Instructors pulled off an amazing job. Thanks to the Instructors that went into all the gift raising and for all the organizing that went into our Junior Regatta.

I never heard such amazing feedback from the parents from other clubs that I heard Instructors do an Amazing Job??Thank you all!!



As you can see from the boat pictures, the Spring Pursuit Race was well attended. Ten boats in all and there were more spectators on the dock. Afterward, PHRF Fleet Captain Dave Johnson (who took the pictures and whose boat is not shown) came back to grill for everyone. David Johnson loaded the coolers. Bob Campbell did the shopping. Rosemary Johnson made a bowtie pasta salad and brownies. Pat Campbell also baked a batch of brownies to share.

Dave Johnson, Burgermeister Extraordinare

Dave Johnson wanted to have a BBQ on Saturday so our sailors and spectators could stay after the race to enjoy each other’s company, have a bite to eat, and network. Wet Pants was envisioned as a gathering place for all of our members, no matter their age or the size of their boats. When you look at the old pictures in Tom Travis’ early history of Wet Pants and on our web pages, you can see sailors of all ages. This is the spirit that signifies what Wet Pants represents.

Thanks to everyone who set up for the party and then put everything away. The floors were swept and mopped because as Pat Campbell said, the idea is to leave the building cleaner than we found it. After the BBQ we left a cooler of water and soda for the sailing school, along with a batch of delicious brownies.

Order of Finish 

Gerhard Pagels, Rhodes 19; Dave Johnson, O'Day 25; Mathew Pagels, Sunfish sail number 43; Vito Mannino, Sunfish sail number 10666; Bob Campbell, Catboat; Joe Cook Precision 21; Tom Davison, Sabre 27; Glenn Rothburd, Rhodes 19; Don Ward Nacra; Geoff Baldanza, Catalina 22

Because PHRF boats are not getting out in time for the 6:00 P.M. Friday evening races, Dave suggested moving the start of the races to 7:00 P.M. This should work because we have daylight until 8:30 P.M. this time of the year. If we do this, all of the start times will be one hour later. Email Fleet Captain Dave Johnson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to let him know what you think of starting the race at 7:00 P.M. this coming Friday.

Dave is encouraging everyone to sail in the PHRF series on Friday nights, providing they meet the USCG lighting requirements. For boats under 7 meters (23 feet long) traveling less than 7 knots per hour this means an all-around white light visible for 2 miles shown in time to prevent collision. As Dave explained at the BBQ, if you can sleep on your sunfish and carry a flashlight, you can sail with us on Friday nights. We hope to see more WP members at the next barbecue and more spectators on the dock if they choose not to sail. After all, networking helps skippers and crew find each other.

When you put more than one person a small boat, funny things can happen.  We raced, partied and had a lot of fun.  (Vito and Danielle working their way off a Leeward bulk head)

Opening day for the Wet Pants Sunfish Fleet started with a Fungatta.  This regatta is an Anti-Serious Race, where crews of two or more sail and race around.

It Goes back to the roots of how most of us learned to sail- with two people on a Sunfish (or other small boat) and concentrating on just having fun.  Racing gives a start and end point to the night before the party beings.  FUN is in the word fungatta and having a new experience is the goal of the day.

The casual nature of the event promotes getting new people on the water.  Its more about the experience than the results.  I had  young boy with me for the FUNgatta, and I asked him how many times he was on a boat.  He proudly said, I took my first lesson yesterday..  we learned parts of the boat and knots.  I asked him if he wants to steer, and he said, "Yes!"  Since he was eight years old and never been on a sailboat before, it was a  perfect situation to have him steer.  As we got out of the canal, the SW wind made us tack before the bulkhead, and we did that without issue.  The wind died down from 12-14mph to a lighter 10-12mph. We got out there a little late because I didn't have Joe until about 6 o'Clock...  Tom and Sue Davison were also running behind, thanks to the taffic from the City...  but no worries the got here.   But they were late for the first race...

As the first race began, the boats lined up and went off in a nice orderly fashion.

Vito Mannino and Danielle Cummings were sailing well, after getting caught up on the bulkhead...  ans as they crossed us, Danielle whipped out a huge water gun and proceeded to shoot all the sailors in her range....  We all laughed and Joe was taunting her, "you're too far away!"   Joe Beitch took another rookie non-sailor on the water.

Christian McGlaughlin eased into the boat and got his feet wet, literally, when while in second place, they managed to capsize before the end of race one.  It was fun, the righted the boat and finished.  Father and Son team of Lou and Louis Albertelli improved from the previous regatta, when I heard Lou yell to me after race two, "we FINISHED two races!!!"  It was great to see and hear all the success stories.  My favorite was during race two Joe told me, "this is great!  I love it!"   It reminded me of why we do this in the first place...  to have fun, share in the fun and just enjoy.

Afterwards we all shared in our experiences, had a lot of laughs and some foods and drinks.  It was a great way to start the summer. :)

The Commodore's Cocktail Party in Review

Commodore Christine O’Connor greeted everyone and thanked Rear Commodore Gerry Pagels for the improvements that have been made to the building this spring.

She also thanked Joe Huberman for providing us with music and songs.


Joe has been a part of Wet Pants since he was a toddler. He was also Commodore Christine O’Connor’s sailing instructor. She credited him with training her to become an accomplished sailor and with teaching her to have a healthy respect for the boom.

Past Commodore John Breuer hung three more of Sandy Reisterer’s needlepoints above the windows in the main room. Sandy’s husband, Bill Riesterer, was commodore in 1978. When they moved to New Mexico in the early 1980’s, Wet Pants installed the Reisterer’s as lifetime members for the contributions they had made to the club.

Ever since that time Sandy has created at least one sailing needlepoint every year for us. And every year Bea Ostroski and Eileen Zambrisky put all of them away in the fall and hang all of them back up again in the spring. This is how we remember and honor our friends, the people who are a part of the tradition Wet Pants has come to represent in the Sayville Community.

The Commodore’s Cocktail Party is a mix of young and old, of new and seasoned members. Everyone is important and everyone comes together to share our history and our hopes for the future. And, as Charlie Huberman said, this evening would be a celebration for the Wet Pants Family.

This was a special night for Charlie Huberman and his family. Joe Huberman was inspired by his mother, Debbie, to become an occupational therapist. This spring Joe turned that dream into a reality when he passed his OT Boards and received his license to practice. Charlie Huberman, his brother, and sister-in-law, all came to celebrate the occasion. When Christine announced the Huberman’s good news, everyone stood and clapped for Joe.

The evening ended with a chocolate pirate cake and coffee. The extra food was donated to a childcare facility.

2016 - Boy Scout "Life" Project at WPSA

Ryan Yost, a member of Boy Scout Troop 184 in Sayville led his troop in a much needed service project-the painting of the north side of the Wet Pants building.  With the heat and the condition of the previous paint, the scouts certainly had their work cut out for them!  With positive attitudes and determination, they scraped away the old paint and applied the new paint yesterday.  Thank you Ryan Yost and Boy Scout Troop 184!

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