FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

A Family Membership is required before registration for sailing classes.  Some events require registration and a fee but many are free to attend.  Other things with fees are optional, such as GSBYRA membership, scholarship funds and dry sail utilization.  A Senior Membership will not include the ability to enroll students in classes or utilize Dry Sail boat storage.

Memberships are what you make them.  You have the opportunity to be part of the WPSA and there are many opportunities to sail and learn even if you don’t have a boat.  We do not refund for underutilized memberships or dry sail rentals.  If you are unable to attend a paid event, alert the organizer in advance to cancel and refund your ticket.

No, WPSA does not refund for missed classes or foul weather.  During summer sessions you may find that vacation or family plans interrupt lessons.  We do not provide refunds for lack of attendance.  Foul weather will invariably keep us off the water or indoors for some classes.  WPSA does not refund for poor weather and classes are conducted on land or indoors.  It gives us opportunity to teach vital skills like tacking, knot tying, rules of racing, proper rigging, etc.  For extended absences if space is available and with advance permission of the PSC, some makeup classes may be available but a 1 for 1 is not promised.

MAKE UP DATES  Vacations, illness and camps may interrupt lessons.  While we try to accommodate as a courtesy when space permits, it is at the discretion of the Parental Steering Committee (PSC) who manage the school.  A missed absence or two does not qualify for a make up.  Make ups when allowed, will not be 1 for 1.

POOR WEATHER  We still have class on land or indoors.  We do not sail or we cut sails short if wind conditions reach a threshold.   If a student stays home because we aren’t on the water, it does not merit a make up.  There are many land based lessons that build sailing skills.

Yes, families may register each person in our Adult Mon/Wed 6-8pm classes.