Summer & Winter Dry Sail Boat Storage

Select Summer or Winter Dry Sail from the Events Calendar to register!  You must register for your 2020 membership first to enable Dry Sail.  Please do not submit any payments by mail without first completing an online Summer Dry Sail Registration.  You are able to pay online via our secure payment processor – WPSA does not ever see your account number.


One of the benefits of WPSA is the option to rent Dry Sail space to store your small boat for the season, in our fenced yard.

See definitions below.

Boat or Board on Rack:  $145 each [A]

Monohull under 16′:  $200 each [B]

Monohull 16′ & over:  $255 each [C]

Catamaran:  $395 each [D]

  • A – Includes a $35 work surcharge
  • B – Includes a $50 work surcharge
  • C – Includes a $60 work surcharge
  • D – Includes a $75 work surcharge


Members are encouraged to use our new online Dry Sail Registration, via the button above.

If you are unable to register online yourself, you may request a paper form to complete and mail-in and we’ll create your online member account for you and send you your login information.



MONOHULL:  Includes Opti/Optimist, Laser, 420, Sunfish, foil, etc on a dolly, trailer or chocked* off wheels (on blocks, buckets, crates etc.)  Concrete blocks are not permitted.  Boats exactly 16′ choose the $255 option for 16′ and up.

RACK:  Is not the same a chocks (blocks, buckets, crates etc).  The rack space is for small items like paddle boards and kayaks.  You may NOT pay for rack space and use yard space designated for wheeled boats.  If your boat is not on an actual dolly/trailer and is on chocks/blocks, it is still a Monohull not a Rack item.


Members are encouraged to use our new online Dry Sail Registration, via the button above.  Dry Sail Fees are in addition to your membership.  You must have a paid Family Membership to utilize – Dry Sail Storage cannot be utilized at the Senior Membership level.  Obtain a WPSA numbered sticker from the Rear Commodore.

If you are unable to register online yourself, you may request a paper form to complete and mail-in and we’ll create your online member account for you and send you your login information.



This has a different distinction in that there is no work surcharge billed and therefore no surcharge eligible or available for refund.  Rates will be posted in September, fees for Winter are generally half of the Summer Dry Sail.


Dry Sail Storage is an economical way to be ready to sail in minutes at a fraction of the cost of a boat slip.  Self-service – park your boat on land, launch via the beach or the electric hoist & be on your way!

Dry Sail Boat Storage is available for storage on Racks and in the wheeled area on dollys, lightweight trailers and chocks for SEASONAL not ANNUAL usage.   This is an additional fee over and above the cost of your Family Membership, based on the size and class of boat.

You must have a current and paid Family Membership before you can utilize Dry Sail.  You must keep your area tidy, boat clear so others can pass, and keep ALL gear stored in the sail shed clearly labeled with your family name and phone #.  You’ll have access to beach launch or by our electric hoist.  You’ll get access to the gate and sail shed.  Please take care to keep things secured!

SUMMER:  Spring Cleanup through Fall Cleanup (approx Apr 1-Nov 1)

WINTER:  Fall Cleanup through Spring Cleanup (approx Nov 1-Apr 1)


Make sure you have and regularly inspect the lifting points on your boat.  It is not a toy and is never to lift people.  If you have never used one, ask for help.


The location of a boat in the Dry Sail area is set by the Rear Commodore and is determined by the following factors:

Frequency of boat use.  Years of using the Dry Sail area (seniority) will not place your boat in a more convenient location.  If a boat is not utilized on a regular basis, it could be moved further back in the Dry Sail area to give other more frequently used boats better access to the beach or hoist.

Volunteer work in the Dry Sail area and around the club house will also factor into location of a boat.  An active member who invests their time and energy into the maintenance and improvement of the club’s buildings and grounds will have this factored into their boat location assignments.

The location assignment is a simple formula – boat use and volunteer work are elements the Rear Commodore uses when assigning a location in the Dry Sail area.  It is simple and fair.  Boats are meant to be sailed and not stored.  This is what dictates boat placement in the Dry Sail Area.

Please remember that the Dry Sail area is not a storage facility. Please keep your boat rigged and in sailable condition.  Preferences for Dry Sail assignment is given to those who actively use their boats during the season.  Dry Sail assignments will not be given to a boat destined for storage and especially if it displaces a boat that will actively be sailed.


  1. A Dry Sail application can be done online through the EVENTS tab in the top menu.  It is NOT considered valid without a completed registration and payment.
  2. Dry sail space requests will be evaluated on the basis of boat type, space available, member’s activity in WPSA and expected benefit to the club.  Space is allocated on a FIRST PAID, FIRST ASSIGNED basis.  Requests without a payment or a paid membership will not be accepted.
  3. In order to process your request you must provide enough information so that we can identify your boat on sight.
  4. Boats assigned a space for the season will and must receive a WPSA Dry Sail sticker.  Any boat without a WPSA Dry Sail sticker will be REMOVED from the Dry Sail area and may be discarded at your expense.  Wet Pants Sailing Association will not accept responsibility for it.
  5. Boats in the dry sail area are at the owners own risk!  Wet Pants Sailing Association is not responsible for damage, loss or theft.  All boats and personal belongings must be removed from the buildings and ground by the Fall Cleanup, unless Winter Dry Sail has been arranged to continue.  ANYTHING left after the Fall Cleanup may be sold or discarded.
  6. The Dry Sail surcharge will be refunded to those who contribute a prescribed number of service activities above and beyond the basic 2 minimum contributions required for membership.   2 significant volunteer contribution are a requirement of WPSA membership + 2 contributions to satisfy club membership surcharge refund.  These extra contributions will result in a refund of the work surcharge for each boat stored for the amount shown.  Please make sure to sign in at all events you are working so we have your volunteering noted. (e.g. 1 boat = 2 additional significant volunteer contributions required for a total minimum of 4; 2 boats = 4 additional significant volunteer contributions required for a total minimum of 6 etc. )
  7. The Dry Sail fee is non-refundable.
  8. Winter Dry Sail is available and you should contact the Rear Commodore BEFORE the Fall Cleanup to make arrangements.
  9. The Rear Commodore or the Board may set or change terms, conditions, and pay by dates as deemed necessary.  Non-payment and accounts in arrears can result in the removal of boats, loss of dry sail privileges and can put your membership status at risk.
  10. You understand and agree to the above terms and conditions – that storage of your boat at at your own risk.


Summer Dry Sail Storage season begins at Spring Cleanup, which date is usually in early May, and ends at Fall Cleanup, usually in early October.  Check the calendar in the EVENTS menu tab above for exact dates.

Winter Dry Sail Storage season begins at Fall Cleanup and ends at Spring Cleanup.  Check the calendar in the EVENTS menu tab above for exact dates.

Boats stored in the yard must be mobile, please maintain your trailer in roadworthy condition.  Use hand dollies to move your boat to reduce damage to the asphalt in the yard.  Return any dollies or hoist bridles when finished using your boat.

Boats should be in sailable condition, with masts raised during Summer Dry Sail Storage.  The yard is intended for active use, not long-term storage.  If you don’t sail frequently, please make arrangements to store your boat off-site.

All masts must be down and secured to your boat for Winter Dry Sail Storage.  Boats must be secured to their trailer.  Tie off your halyards to reduce nuisance noise for neighbors.

Please do not use concrete blocks as props or chocks – use wood or plastic chocks, buckets or similar for props.

Vehicles are allowed inside the outer gates along the water’s edge for pick-up and drop-off only.  NO vehicles are allowed inside the inner gates.  Use a hand dolly to maneuver your trailer into position.

All boats must have WPSA stickers on the boat or trailer.  Put your name and sticker number on the trailer, boat, dolly, sail bag, rudder assembly, centerboards etc.  Stickers and numbers are assigned by the Rear Commodore – contact him through the About menu tab above, under Executive Committee Directors.

If you store your sails/rigs in the sail shed, make sure it is neatly stowed on racks and clearly marked with your last name and sticker number.

Please close the gates and lock up, turn off the lights when you leave.  Do NOT assume the next person will do it.

Please report unsafe conditions to Flag Officers as soon as possible, email addresses are on the Executive Committee Directors page, through the About menu tab above.


NOTE:  MONOHULL includes 420, Sunfish, Laser, Optimist/Optis etc on a dolly or trailer.  If your boat is 16′ choose the $255 level.


DO leave a wide open corridor to the water – smaller boats parked on dollys near the beach need to be mindful that other members need to be able to get their larger boats past your boat.  If going sailing, first move your dolly/trailer and any gear to leave a clear wide path.

DO keep the building, grounds, docks and beach clean and tidy.  Put all trash in bins and recoil all hoses!