What people are saying about WPSA!

We originally joined and got so involved because my late husband loved his own WPSA childhood experience, mastering his Hobie catamaran.  My children adore sailing now – I have watched their transformation from completely reluctant uninterested students to passionate skilled sailors who can’t wait for sailing season to return each year.  The kids and I are restoring a Rhodes 19′ sailboat!

As a parent I wanted my children to grow up learning the seamanship skills and self confidence that would enable them to sail safely on their own.  I wanted them to have the common sense to judge when to sail and when to stay on land.  But if they were caught out in windy weather, I wanted them to have the training to bring themselves and their boat to a safe harbor.  This is why Wet Pants exists.

Sailing is a lifelong sport that creates lifelong friends.

We love WPSA because it gives us an opportunity to experience the beauty of the Great South Bay and move away from technology for a moment.