2020 Season



Anyone enrolling students in lessons or families who plan to use Dry Sail boat storage first must register for a Family Membership.   Our Adult & Youth lessons utilize club boats or students can use their own!  We are a not for profit organization – offering instruction, sailing & social events.  See class descriptions below. 


FAMILY MEMBERSHIP Covers spouse/partner and children 18 and under.  $200 includes tax and surcharge.   Just one Family Membership is required to enroll multiple students – it covers the entire family.

SENIOR MEMBERSHIP  For a single individual age 65+.  Senior memberships do not permit you to enroll students or utilize WPSA dry sail storage.  Member is welcome at WPSA events!  $21.75 includes tax.

DRY SAIL STORAGE  As a Family Member you can opt to pay for yard space for Summer and/or Winter storage of your small sailing craft on a trailer or dolly.  We have a self-service hoist for larger boats and a beach for dolly launching smaller.  Often children in the school will use and maintain their own boat in Dry Sail for Opti or Race Classes (420’s/Opti/Sunfish).  Read more.


Half Summer is 4 weeks  |  Full Summer is 7 weeks   |  FAQ

  • BEGINNER CLASSES: Ages: 8+ Learn the parts of the boat, how to put sails on, wind direction, move safely in the boat, control the sails, steer the boat with guidance from the instructor, tie square, stopper, and bowline knots, be able to start and stop, and come back to rescue someone who falls overboard.

    #S01    |    FULL SUMMER:  M,T,W,&TH 8-10 am $975

    #S02    |    FULL SUMMER:  M & W 8-10 am $510

    #S03    |    FULL SUMMER :  T & TH 8-10 am $510

    #S04    |    HALF SUMMER :    M,T,W,&TH 8-10 am $550

  • INTERMEDIATE CLASSES: Ages 9+ Review what was taught in the beginner course. Learn to sail figure 8 and hotdog courses, trim the sails, reef, get out of irons, rules of the road, weight distribution, tie a cleat hitch and a clove hitch, sail on just a main, just a jib, anchor, and sail safely without the instructor on board.

    #S05    |    FULL SUMMER:  M,T,W,&TH 10 am – 12 pm $975

    #S06    |    FULL SUMMER:  M & W 10 am – 12 pm $510

    #S07    |    FULL SUMMER:  T & TH 10 am – 12 pm $510

    #S08    |    HALF SUMMER:   M,T,W,&TH  10 am – 12 pm $550

  • CRUISING CLASSES: Ages 10+ with prior sailing experience. This is an advanced class. Review of the skills taught in the beginner and intermediate classes. Students learn how to right a capsized sailboat, leave and return to the dock, rescue a person who falls overboard, trim the sails for the most power, heave to, sail backwards, anchor, read a navigational chart, use a compass to find where the boat is, reef the sail, sail on just the main or jib, and how to call for help. Knots taught include cleat and clove hitches, reefing knot, bowline, sheet bend, rolling hitch, & 3 strand rope eye splice for anchor and dock lines.

    #S09    |    FULL SUMMER:   M, T & W 1:30-4:30 pm  $875

    #S10    |    HALF SUMMER:   M, T W 1:30-4:30 pm $510

  • RACING: Ages 11+ with prior sailing experience.  This is an advanced class.  Review of the skills taught in the beginner and intermediate classes. Learn how to use sail tails to adjust sail trim, use the centerboard to adjust weather helm, adjust sail draft to increase the Bernoulli effect, adjust the opening between the jib and main to increase the Venturi effect, determine if another boat is on a collision course and what to do about it, strategies for starting, sailing upwind, passing boats on a reach, & mark rounding, learn the racing rules & use them to advantage. Tie cleat & clove hitches, reefing knot, bowline, sheet bend, rolling hitch, & 3 strand rope eye splice for anchor and dock lines. Racing with the club on Wednesday nights and going to junior regattas on Fridays is encouraged.  *Friday Junior Regattas run about 9am-4 pm offsite, children prep earlier.  This is 6 Fridays and Race Week – TBA.  Racing is optional.

     #S11    |    FULL SUMMER:  M,T,W,& TH 1:30-4:30 pm* $1100

  • OPTI I: Students should be able to sail before taking this class. This class is designed as an introduction to sailing an Opti in a fun, safe and controlled environment. Sailors will learn how to rig their Opti, tie Opti specific knots, tell wind direction, tack, gybe, capsize recovery and sail trim. Sailors will gain the confidence to sail a boat by themselves.

    #S12    |    FULL SUMMER:  M,T,W, TH 8-10 am $975

    #S13    |    FULL SUMMER:  M & W 8-10 am $510

    #S14    |    FULL SUMMER:  T & TH 8-10 am $510

    #S15    |    HALF SUMMER:   M,T,W,&TH  8-10 am $550

  • OPTI II: Students should be comfortable sailing alone. This class is an introduction to racing the Opti for sailors who want to build upon the skills learned in Opti I. Sailors will learn to sail the Opti efficiently and independently. This will help build their self-confidence and increase their social skills. They will learn advanced boat handling skills and be introduced to the basics of racing the Opti.

    #S16    |    FULL SUMMER:  M,T,W&TH 10 am – 12 pm $975

    #S17    |    FULL SUMMER:   M&W 10 am – 12 pm $510

    #S18    |    FULL SUMMER:  T&TH 10 am – 12 pm $510

    #S19    |    HALF SUMMER:   M,T,W,&TH 10 am – 12 pm $550

  • ADULT LESSONS: Ages: 18 + Learn parts of the boat, parts of the sail, sensing wind direction, points of sail, capsize recovery, tacking, gybing, docking, reefing, anchoring, tying square, stopper, and bowline knots, and chart reading.

    #S20    |    FULL SUMMER:   Monday & Wednesday   6-8 pm $510

You must register/renew for a WPSA Family Membership to be able to register yourself or family members for classes.

You must have a WPSA Family Membership before registering for classes.  Registration is through the Event Calendar – scroll to our June 29th listing.