• WPSA Fleet

    Flying Scot Sailboats


We have a self-service electric hoist for Members – boats in our dry sail yard can be in the water in minutes!  Your boat must have lifting rings installed for attachment points that can bear and balance the weight.  Please use care when using and be courteous and patient as you wait for other members and students ahead of you.

If you have any issues, please alert WPSA.

More Amenities

Summer Dry Sail and Winter Dry Sail storage is an attractive and affordable option for members with small boats.  Each season you can store your boat at WPSA for an extra fee, based on the size and type of boat.

Seaside boat storage is convenient and inexpensive – thanks to the WPSA’s new electric hoist!  Lift and lower from trailer to the boat basin.

You can be out on the water in minutes.  When you return, we have hoses to rinse down.