Through the generous spirit of our membership, we are able to provide numerous merit based scholarship awards at the end of the year!


The Kyle Walker Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a deserving 1st year sailing student, based on outstanding achievement.

Kyle, an avid sailor, was the son of Rev. and Mrs. Nancy Walker.  He had a younger brother and sister.  After completing his seaman (now Beginner Sailing) year, his family bought a Sunfish which Kyle sailed daily, after his lessons.  Kyle took to sailing his Sunfish backwards after being taught by WPSA Flag Officer and Past Commodore, Captain Bob Campbell.

Kyle was a skilled sailor. When the WPSA school had it’s sailover event to Talisman Beach on Fire Island, Kyle sailed his Sunfish solo, while his mother sailed a Mercury with his younger brother and sister and friends.  On the return, Kyle set a goal to sail the 3 miles home from the beach….. backwards. His mother followed him in the Mercury. It took the better part of an hour, but he did it. To Captain Campbell’s knowledge, no one has ever equaled Kyle’s feat.


The Edwin L. Kinkaide Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a Wet Pants college bound student, member in good standing who meets certain criteria.  The student will be pursuing post-secondary education at an accredited 2 or 4-year college or vocational school.  Individuals selected are active members who helped the club to grow and best represent the heart of the organization.  They must demonstrate a continuous growth in maturity, character, and a willingness to help others in both the club and community.  Sailing ability is not to be the main determining factor in the award.

Edwin Kinkaide, a charter member of WPSA, firmly believed that his association with the club as a young man was a positive influence throughout his life.  His wish was to give back to this organization in appreciation.  More on Ed Kinkaide.