Sunfish Sailing Started June 30th and Continues…

June 30th, 2020

by Lee Montes, Sunfish Fleet Captain

The “Big Red Rib” that was going to be the race committee boat was not started…  a call to [owner] Dan Williams had him thinking all sorts of things, was it the power inverter? Could it be the clutch reduction rod? Maybe the flux capacitor was out of plutonium? When he went down to where the boat was…  it finally was figured out…   the boat was not in neutral!   :/   No worries, Marianne, Dan and their two small children flew down to Wet Pants, grabbed some marks and set up a Sunfish course for the South Easterly [wind] that gradually shifted to the left…  by the end of the evening it was a nice 5 mph East/NE…

Bob Campbell flew his drone and took some cool pictures, like this one in this post.

Keys to the light winds were:  Sailing close to the start line as the three minute sounds got closer.   Seeing that the left side of the start line was favored…  so start to the left of the boats was a nice advantage…   making sure you tie your main sheet on right. And not letting Joe Beitch get in from of you, or behind you going down wind… because he was going to either pass you or extend his lead…  Billy Caggiano found this out when he felt he was covering Joe.   Frank Minnisale is back in the fleet, in a beautiful boat that only he can find for I think was like $37 dollars, including a Trailex trailer…   Vito was around but just got off a plane so he will be a bit late…  as well as Rick and Brett who all showed up a tad bit late :0

We sail next Tuesday, where the winds will be stronger than last Tuesday…   6:00 PM on the water…


See you on the water,

Lee Montes

Sunfish Fleet Captain