Voucher Credits Explained

A little FYI about our surcharges and voucher credits….

Included in Summer Dry Sail Storage and Membership Registration fees paid, are surcharges.  By contributions during your membership year, you will receive a credit to use towards your membership in the next calendar year.

How it Works  If through the current year a member makes significant volunteer contributions, they can be eligible for voucher credits for those surcharges the following year.  This is determined by a member of the Executive Committee.


  • Membership  |  Family Membership:  $25 work surcharge – need 2 work credits to earn back
  • Membership  |  Senior Membership:  $0 work surcharge
  • Dry Sail Storage  |  Boat or Board or rack:  $35 work surcharge – need 2 additional work credits to earn back (4)
  • Dry Sail Storage  |  Monohull under 16′:  $50 work surcharge – need 2 additional work credits to earn back (4)
  • Dry Sail Storage  |  Monohull over 16′:  $60 surcharge – need 2 additional work credits to earn back (4)
  • Dry Sail Storage  |  Catamaran:  $75 work surcharge – need 2 additional work credits to earn back (4)

A Monohull is a standard single hull boat – just go by the length.  This includes Laser, Sunfish, Opti, 420, Rhodes, Mariner etc, all on a dolly or trailer.

Rack items included Laser, Sunfish, Kayak, Paddle Board and Opti on a rack.  These are NOT on wheels and NOT within the inner gated yard.  (If equipped,  lock your boat to the rack).  The rack is south of the mark shed which is the shed opposite the club at the inner gate, where club Optimists and JY Trainers stacked – along the east dock, just beyond the hoist when looking east.

Great! How do I Volunteer?

It’s easy to earn credits – when we send out emails seeking volunteers for work parties or events – sign up.  We often use SignUpGenius –  it allows you to choose specific tasks for yourself as well as family members, right from the email we send.  Volunteering has many additional benefits as you meet many other members and get to know more about WPSA and sailing.

Important!  When you arrive, sign-in before starting.  Make sure to fully complete your task and let the coordinator know you are present and when you’ve finished.  Keep a list of what/when you volunteered for.

As a member of WPSA you are asked to volunteer for a minimum of 2 events as part of your Family Membership.  (Senior Membership unfortunately cannot get vouchers as their $21.75 fee is steeply discounted).

VOLUNTEER ASSIGNMENTS are not difficult.  They included setups and cleanups at food parties, yard work, maintenance to buildings, grounds and our fleet – etc.  Sometimes special projects that are not a full event.  Once you’ve fulfilled at least 2 work assignments as a volunteer,  you can earn back $25 from the Family Membership.

You can earn additional credits – if you have a boat in Dry Sail.  This ranges from $35-$100, and is determined by the type and size of your boat.  You’ll need to complete a minimum of another 2 volunteer events to earn these credits – so a total of 4 minimum to earn the maximum.  You’re always welcome to contribute more than the minimum!  See details on the Dry Sail page.