Members are welcome to participate in our annual Sail Over to Talisman Beach!  

What is this?  Talisman Beach is just a 3-mile sail across the bay where we anchor in a few feet of water and wade ashore.  This is a popular spot in the summer that can only be reached by boat.  You can register for free on our events calendar – come out and sail. 

WHEN:  SUNDAY, JULY 26, 2020 no rain date
LEAVING:  11:00 am from Port O’ Call
ARRIVE AT BEACH:  12:30 pm
REGISTER (free!): see July 26th
AMENITIES:  Restrooms & picnic tables.  You need to anchor and wade in.
Members can head out of Port O’ Call Marina at around 11:00 am, weather permitting.  In normal weather conditions the trip over takes approximately 1.5 hours – obviously this can vary depending on your boat, speed and other factors.  The return trip can take roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour under normal conditions.

Don’t forget to pack a picnic lunch, beach chairs, umbrellas, sunscreen, bug spray.  There are aluminum tables and benches by the bay.  Bathrooms are available and a pristine ocean beach is just a short walk away.

We plan to sail from Wet Pants at about 11:00 am, but you can leave at any time before or after.  Look for the Wet Pants crew when you arrive!  Children should be supervised with an adult present.  Social distancing and masks are still recommended – please be responsible.  Everyone’s health and safety is a priority.  We ask for registration on the online event calendar on the website to have a headcount.

If you don’t have a boat, add yourself to the Want/Need-A-Hand list that goes out by email to connect with members and ask for a ride!  WPSA members are often happy to have members sail along in their boats – it’s a great way to learn about other boats and get to know our great people.  Just indicate how many adults and children (by age) so they know the capacity needed.