6/26/20 Update from the Vice Commodore

Dear Members of Wet Pants Sailing Association,

Starting this weekend, the Town of Islip expects to be opening the bathrooms at the Sayville Beach Marina Park. The Wet Pants club building, in accordance with NYS Guidelines and the directives we received through our ongoing communication with the Town of Islip, will not open this weekend for member use.

However, we are pleased to inform everyone that in accordance with the NYS revised reopen plan (Reopening New York – Sports and Recreation Guidelines) the Town of Islip has provided written approval for the Wet Pants Sailing Association club building under lease from the Town of Islip to reopen, effective July 6th.

Here are an initial few key points:

As a member based association, each member will be responsible for following the government guidance.

The entire building will be open, including bathrooms.

The Executive Committee is working first and foremost to ensure the safety of our members. We will be finalizing plans so we are ready to hit the ground running on July 6th. Please expect that there will be safety, sanitary, and reduced capacity requirements.

To best ensure our organization is compliant with the newest and rigid standards, the WPSA board of directors is in the process of finalizing a contract with a licensed and insured cleaning service that will regularly clean and disinfect in accordance with CDC guidelines.

As we receive additional guidance from the Town of Islip, we will continue to update the membership. We appreciate your patience and support as our volunteers work through these unprecedented times.

Stay Safe,

Joseph Klein
Vice Commodore
Wet Pants Sailing Association

6/24/20 Update from the Commodore

Dear WPSA Members,

Please be advised that over the past week, the Flag Officers and PSC have been busy reviewing and agreeing to, the upcoming WPSA Summer Sailing School Program. That program will begin on July 6, 2020 and will offer several varying types of lessons. There will be two; three week sessions, beginning on July 6th. Due to the current and continued social distancing requirements etc, each lesson will be limited due to NYS regulations, to 10 students. Though the focus will be the use of the students owned boat, the Club boats will be available for use. One of the requirements is that the student should already know how to rig and de-rig a boat. There will be no beginners class. The Club boats will be cleaned and sanitized by the instructors after each lesson, for use by the subsequent class.

Currently, Billy Sesack will be our lead instructor for the Sailing Program with a total of five additional instructors. Both Club power boats; Montauk and Dauntless will be fully ready for use by the Sailing School.

As it has been communicated to the entire membership on several occasions, the Club building will remain locked at this time. This continues to be the position from the Town of Islip and until further notice. Though it has been suggested that we rent a Port O Poddy, this can not be a option as it’s sanitization and its possible use by the public during after hours, can not be guaranteed. When the Club is opened, which is unknown when, arrangements will then be made with an outside firm to complete a daily cleaning/sanitizing of our bathrooms twice a day.

The PSC will be releasing an email to members this Thursday (06/25/2020) about the Sailing School sign-up and process, which will only be made available to member families. The program is not available to guests or non-members.

Gerry Pagels
Wet Pants Sailing Association